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Tango Argentino

Carlos Dall’Asta - Maria Karageorgou



From 1997 until the present they dance, perform, coreograph and teach Tango Argentino. The formation include contemporay dance, corporal expresion, release technic, pilates, theater and they possess a great knowledge of the Tango musicality (being invited to different tango festivals). 

They appeared in different scenes(stages) principally in Athens and Buenos Aires, like and others diferents cities around the world.


In 2007 organized and participated in “La Vanguardia Tango Festival” in Athens, with the most importat tango dancers from Argentina. 

Are teachers in yours own Dance Studio “Danzarin” , in Athens


Some performances: 

Fournos Theater (Festival)

Diferents Milongas (Tango nights) in Buenos Aires

Hotel Eluoda Beach

Hotel Grand Bretania

University National of Greece

National Theater of Bolos


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