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DANZARIN Dance Studio presents:


~ March 19th - March 24th ~




Athens Tango Week is a festival whose main objective is to unleash many aspects of the quality of the Argentinean tango to the Greek public and to deepen its essence.


The 3rd Athens Tango Week presents two world-famous Argentinean tango dancers for the first time in Greece; the Mundial de Tango champion in Buenos Aires, Pablo Rodriguez, and the award-winning Carolina Couto. At the official opening of the festival on March 20th, we will welcome the two dancers for a special evening “Special Practica Danzarina”, and we will present a special show by the festival hosts, renowned teachers and dancers, Carlos Dall'Asta and Maria Karageorgou.


On March 23th and 24th, Pablo Rodriguez and Carolina Couto, will give a series of seminars aimed at students and dancers of all levels with their unique ability in teaching. These seminars will focus on the technique of tango, musicality, different styles and special interpretation, as well as more complex dance combinations.


After completing the seminar on March 24th, Danzarin will organize a big tango night, Gran Milonga, where we will have the pleasure of enjoying Pablo Rodriguez and Carolina Couto in a unique show.


On March 19th we will welcome those who want to take their first steps in tango with a free-open two-hour seminar from Panagiotis Kefalas and Eve Tsiganou.


Within the realm of the festival, the tango theatrical performance "Lava"will be presented on March 22nd by Penny Fylaktaki and Maria Karageorgou. Theater, tango and free movement unite to tell us everyday stories of love, fear, laughter and doubt. Performed by Stavros Lilikakis, Korina - Anna Gougouli, Carlos Dall'Asta and Maria Karageorgou.



Τhe activities and the events of the festival will take place at the Danzarin Dance Studio. On March 23th and 24th an exhibition of tango clothes for men and women will be held by ConDiva during the seminars.


A week in downtown Athens full of tango nights, seminars, dance and theater. Live it with truth, essence and thrill at this great Tango fest!


Viva el Tango!



With the support of the Argentine Embassy

and the courteous sponsorship ConDiva


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